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Bardl four channels wireless conference BR-104

One tow four system, can be equipped with meeting, hand microphone, body pack, suitable for different occasions.
  • BR-104
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  Main Frame Size: EIA standard 1U rack unit

  Channel: 200

  Carrier Freq. Range: UHF 500-900MHz

  Frequency response: 70Hz-12KHz

  Working distance: 60m

  Frequency space: 400KHz

Carrier wave stability: ±0.002%

  Image interference ratio: ≥70dB

  S/N ratio: ≥105dB

Sensitivity: 12dBuV

  T.H.D(1KHz): ≤0.3%

  AF output impedance: 470Ω



  Carrier Frequency Range: UHF500900MHz

  Channel: 200

  Capsule: dynamic

  Band width: 400KHz

  Carrier wave stability: ±0.002%

  Max deviation range: ±45KHz

  Radio frequency output power:10mV

  Power consumed:100mA

  Operation voltage: AA battery * 2 pcs

  Display: LCD display

  Bodypack transmiter`s input jack: 4 pins carnon jack, connect to the clip mic.or headset microphone

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