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Bardl guide system UG-100

Main Features:
PLL Synthesized design
With 16 selectable frequencies within 24KHz bandwidth
Adopting dynamic technical to expand circuit S/N >90dB
Digital LCD channel display
With RF signal and electrical source indicator
Highly efficient and low power consumption circuity
Build-in volume adjusting circuit to avoid the distortion
Be able to connect to CD,MP3, etc
  • UG-100

Technical Specifications:

Frequency range: 760-820MHz

Band width: 24 MHz

Oscillation mode: PLL synthesized

Frequency stability: ±0.005%,0 to 50

Max deviation range: ±45KHz

Receiving Mode: Non-automaticlly

Sensitivity: 2uv, S/N58dB

Squelch level:Adjusting range between 2-100MV

T.H.D: 0.5% at 1 KHz

Max.S/N ratio: 94-100 dBA

Frequency response:50Hz-15KHz±3dB

Output jack: Φ3.5mm stereo earphone jack
Output power: (32Ω):2 * 50mW at 1 KHz (THD 3%)

Earphone Impedance: 16Ω

Power supply: AA battery

Current Consumption: 130mA (under typical operating conditions)

Continuous operating Time: 8 hours

Dimension: 88(L) * 65(W) * 23(H)mm

Weight: 105g

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