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Bardl professional antenna system B-816D

16 channel UHF Antenna system
  • B-816D
  • Bardl

B-816D 1000AD

※ System indicators

Antenna type: Logarithmic periodic Dipole array (LPDA) Antenna directivity: Elliptic 180 degrees typical

Operating frequency band: 500MHz-1GHz Pointing polarity: vertical (vertical installation)

Working voltage: 8V DC guide number of sections: 11

Gain: 6dB typical maximum value 10dB connection terminal: fixed right Angle TNC base

Pit: 50 Ohms Typical weight: 300 grams

External dimension: 348mm long ×325mm wide ×25mm thick

Technical parameters of antenna distribution amplifier

Antenna distributor: one for two

Operating frequency band: 500MHz--1GHz

Gain: 6 db - 10 db

Output external power supply: DC 12V 800MA

Power supply: AC 100V-- 240V

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