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Bardl Conference Mixer D8

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D8 Intelligent conference mixer product Description

D8 is a microprocessor controlled, automatic switching 8 - channel conference mixer.

The emergence of D8 intelligent conference mixer provides a brand new application solution for conference applications from small scale to international conferences, from portable to mobile

The D8 intelligent conference mixer can be easily applied to all kinds of conference amplifiers. The design takes full account of the actual requirements of engineering applications.

It has eight balanced microphones or line input channels and provides a 48V phantom power supply for capacitive microphones and a non-balanced auxiliary line input for access to an external auxiliary audio source device.

Each input channel can be independently adjusted gain and built-in limiter. Any microphone channel can be set as the chairman priority control channel according to practical application needs. When the chairman channel speaks, the output level of other microphone channels will automatically attenuate.

Because each input channel has a built-in threshold level control circuit, the appropriate threshold control value can be adjusted as needed.

D8 can automatically open the channel with only signal input, that is to say, during the whole meeting, participants can realize the functions of switch of speech microphone and chairman priority control without manual adjustment of equipment.

Built-in NOMA D8 smart meeting mixer (Number of open Microphone Attenuated) function, the Number of channels can be automatically according to the input signal to adjust the total output level, in other words, how the Microphone to speak at the same time, under the condition of system's overall output level remains constant, not because of the superposition of input level rise, make the output of the overall system gain can effectively reduce the risk of "feedback".

This is rarely seen in traditional amplification.

With such a function, after the debugging of the system under normal sound amplification conditions (to meet the normal sound amplification volume), there is no need to worry about the change of the number of microphone used at the same time and cause unnecessary noise trouble, especially in the space of small microphone more use environment this function is more prominent and practical.

D8 has a cascade function of up to 15 sets, which can temporarily increase the number of microphones according to the actual use situation. It can quickly and conveniently expand the conference scale to 120 people, greatly enhancing the mobility of the conference.

Bardl D8 intelligent conference mixer can be used in small and medium-sized conference rooms, lecture halls, VIP reception halls, conference centers and other places to manage a large number of microphones and simplify the operation of the system.

Performance and Features:

-8 balanced inputs that can use microphone or line level signals.

Each input provides:

- Independent 48V phantom power supply

- Independent gain and volume control

- Adjustable gate attenuation level

- Automatically opens the channel with only signal input, and the level of sound gate action can be adjusted automatically.

- The NOMA (Mumber of Open Microphone Attenuated into the first Microphone) automatically adjusts the gain of each Open Microphone so that it is very useful in controlling system feedback.

- Each microphone channel can be switched to pre-set mode independently.

- Can connect 15 RC-875 conference systems up to 120 microphones.

- Each microphone channel has compression limiter.

-8 channel XLR or LINE inputs, plus a set of RCA interface inputs.

- Two sets of audio outputs are provided to sound amplifiers or other equipment.

- Headphones monitor the output socket.

-RS-232C communication port, remote wire-controlled microphone switch by computer, central control or M08C.


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