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Bardl digital 8-channel mixer features D-E8

mixer features
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Product introduction

D-e8 is a microprocessor controlled, automatic switching 8-channel intelligent conference mixer, with outstanding innovation in many aspects, each flexible application mode will completely replace the traditional simulation mode, using high-performance DSP for 15-segment audio equalizer.

Advanced and simple manipulation of the way, every channel has an encoder to set parameters, debug method similar to the traditional analog mixer, 152 x64 dot matrix LCD display Settings parameters, support conference video tracking function, mainly applied to various large place, can meet the theatres and concert halls, sports stadiums, church, conference center, theme parks and other public demand for a variety of applications such as amplification system,

Product features

●8 channels of balanced MIC/LINE input, each channel with high and low pitch adjustment, effectively suppress the impact noise of low-frequency jet, each channel has a separate mute function, each channel provides a 48V phantom power supply with independent control switch.

● Each input channel provides an independent encoder for gain, high and low tone control, which can set the opening threshold level of the channel.

● Each channel has a compression limiter function to prevent the occurrence of sound breakage.

● Each channel can be set as the priority channel, the priority channel can be inserted at any time, not restricted by other channels, convenient for the moderator to chair the meeting.

● Working mode: open mode, priority mode, sequential mode.

● Can automatically adjust the change of environmental noise, automatically open only signal input channel, sound gate action level can be automatically adjusted, very convenient to use.

The unique feedback suppression function (NOMA) can adjust the input gain and output total gain. In particular, it can automatically adjust the output level according to the increase or decrease of the using channel, which can effectively prevent the noise.

● Connect to 15 D-E8 conference systems, manage up to 120 microphones, each with its own ID.

● Encoder operation control adjustment parameters, LCD display interface, simple function menu, easy to operate intuitive, visual parameters, than the traditional analog mixer debugging more convenient and accurate.

● Both output ends have 15 sections of parameter equilibrium, with the field to adjust the appropriate tone, and effectively control the roar phenomenon.

● The lock of the last microphone to maintain ambient sound.

● With R232 control port and RJ45 network interface, it can control and adjust parameters on the central control or PC side, or cooperate with the company's camera tracking hybrid host to realize the camera tracking function.

● It can be used as the input terminal of the mixing station. After processing multiple audio channels, it enters the one-channel input terminal of the mixing station, which extends the input interface of the mixing station.

Small lecture hall or small conference can be directly amplifier, as the audio processor.

Technical parameters

Input impedance MIC 4300 Ω Ω LINE 28 k

Output impedance (parallel) MIC 15 k Ω Ω LINE 220

Maximum input level (balance) MIC 12dBV LINE 16dBV

Standard input level MIC 45dBV LINE 0dBV

Standard output level balance MIC 45dBV LINE 0dBV

Front output level - 4.4dbV

Maximum gain of 62dB

Frequency response 20HZ-20KHz

Natural noise -85dBV

THD + N < 0.5%

The signal-to-noise ratio of 78 db

Phantom power +48V


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