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Bardl professional antenna system B-828D

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※ System indicators

Antenna type: Logarithmic periodic Dipole array (LPDA) Antenna directivity: Elliptic 180 degrees typical

Operating frequency band: 500MHz-1GHz Pointing polarity: vertical (vertical installation)

Working voltage: 8V DC guide number of sections: 11

Gain: 6dB typical maximum value 10dB connection terminal: fixed right Angle TNC base

Pit: 50 Ohms Typical weight: 300 grams

External dimension: 348mm long ×325mm wide ×25mm thick

Technical parameters of antenna distribution amplifier

Antenna distributor: one for two

Operating frequency band: 500MHz--1GHz

Gain: 6 db - 10 db

Output external power supply: DC 12V 800MA

Power supply: AC 100V-- 240V


Introduction to The B-828D series antenna amplifier

The B-828D is a wireless microphone antenna amplifier designed for large-scale performance. It can easily cope with a variety of complex environments with stable performance.

The antenna amplification system consists of a power supply, an antenna distribution host, and two directional antennas. The eight-channel low-loss antenna distribution circuit is designed to achieve a better noise ratio of the received signals and increase the receiving stability and distance.

4 sets of 12V 1A power input are provided on the back of the main machine for the use of wireless receiver for on-site installation.

B-828d antenna amplifier is designed for the wireless microphone receiving distance is not up to the actual need of the distance, with long receiving distance, signal stability and other functions.

Suitable for UHF wireless mic 500KHZ-- 1GHZ.

· With voltage display and protection device · With USB interface to power the floodlight

· Multiple microphones can be used simultaneously · With power supply function, it is more convenient to use

· Signal amplification and stability enhancement · Eight-channel low-loss antenna distribution circuit design


B-820d directional antenna

Antenna type: Logarithmic periodic Dipole array (LPDA) Antenna Working frequency band: 500mhZ-1ghz

Working voltage: 8V DC

Gain: 6dB (typical)

Impedance: 50 Ω voltage standing wave ratio: 1.5:1

Directivity: Ellipse 180° (typical) Directivity: Perpendicular

Number of segments of waveguide: 11 Connecting terminals: TNC base


B-828d antenna distribution amplifier

Antenna distributor: one quarter (two in and eight out) Working frequency band: 500MHZ-1ghz

Gain: 6 ~ 10dB

Power supply: 220V AC

Output external power supply: DC 12V 1mA

Accessories list:

1. DC connection.

2. Modified Angle code (optional).

3. Bracket conversion connector.

4. Instructions.

Coaxial cable. 6. Power cord.



1. Antenna installation should be higher than 1.8 meters.

2. The antenna position should be located at the position where the transmitter is directly visible and there are no obstacles (large metal objects or interference signal sources) within a radius greater than 1.5 meters.

3. Keep the coaxial cable connected to the receiver and antenna distributor as short as possible.

4. Antennas are affected by weather conditions.

In outdoor use, please put the antenna in a dry position, moisture and rain will affect the energy efficiency and safety of B Nc connector and coaxial cable.


Antenna type Log-Periodic Dipole array (LPDA) antenna

Operating band 500MHz-1GHz

Working voltage 8V DC

Gain 6dB typical maximum 10dB

The choke pit is 5o ohm typical

Voltage standing wave ratio ≤1. 7:1

The directivity ellipse is typical at 1 8o degrees

Directional polarity perpendicular (to vertical installation)

The guide has 11 segments

Connection terminal fixed right Angle BNC base

Weight 300 grams,

The external dimension is 348mm long X325mm wide X25mm thick

The antenna divider is one two/one four

Operating band 500MHz-1GHz

Gain 6 db - 10 db

Working power AC100V-240V

Output external power DC12V800MA


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